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Building Inspectors

BBI building inspectors hold Diploma of Applied Science (Building Faculty) qualifications and are trade professionals licensed as qualified builders, carpenters and joiners.

Angelo Zappala

Angelo ZappalaAngelo is our Managing Director and a licensed building inspector with over 20 years of experience in the building industry. Angelo’s experience is expansive and extensive ranging from carpentry work; renovations; developing and building medium rise residential dwellings and development site viability assessments and acquisitions.

His commitment to actively applying the latest building standards, techniques and materials guarantees Angelo knows his profession inside out, delivering the highest service to his clients. BBI is built on Angelo’s personal, professional and courteous service philosophy, inspiring confidence and security, from the front door to the final report.

Ross DiBartolo

ROss DiBartoloA fully licensed builder and carpenter, Ross has 10 years of experience in the building industry and runs a successful building/renovating business. He commenced his career with one of the largest residential developers in Australia and his experience in the building industry ranges from carpentry and building estimating to being the site supervisor of expansive residential sites. Together, Angelo and Ross bring over 30 years of experience to BBI’s building inspections.

Pest Inspectors

BBI sources, organises and contracts the following pest inspectors on your behalf, providing you with a seamless service from some of the most experienced pest inspectors in the business. The following pest inspectors are dedicated to providing no mess, no fuss solutions to every client.

Rick Molenaar

Rick MolenaarFor the last 17 years, Rick has been servicing homes just like yours, utilising the latest technology to give each property a thorough pest inspection, never rushing or cutting corners. A polished professional, Rick understands the necessity for a safe and effective inspection, banishing even the hardest wearing pests with environmentally friendly products approved by the Queensland Health Department.

Mark Andrews

Mark AndrewsWith over 14 years of experience in the pest management industry, Mark has expansive experience in inspecting properties for all forms of pest activity. His no-fuss approach ensures that he devises the fastest and most effective solutions for his clients and he uses environmentally friendly, non-toxic, low odour chemicals and treatments to reduce the impact of his solutions. Mark’s professional approach is underpinned by his commitment to the highest standards of customer service.

Rodney Drought

Rodney DroughtOver the last 12 years, Rodney has completed countless pest inspections and control treatments, delivering the highest standard of service and advice daily. A hands-on, hands-dirty pest inspector, he is a student of experience, embracing all facets of the pest industry to provide the right solution for your property. Rodney actively eliminates all timber pests from your home with industry approved treatments.

Depreciation Assessors

Get the most out of your property this financial year by obtaining a tax depreciation report. BBI sources one of the most reputable property valuers in the industry.

Don Kim

Don KimDon is a registered property valuer, dedicated to providing an efficient and results driven service to his clients. His cross-state experience in Queensland and New South Wales has driven his 8 year career to new heights. Don’s investment into lasting education and certification has allowed him to alert many unaware property owners and investors to significant depreciation claims, establishing his reputation as one of the most trusted property valuers in Brisbane and Sydney. Maximise your return.

Pool Inspectors

Be safe, be compliant, and request BBI to organise a pool inspection for you.

David Hanmore

David HanmoreDavid has made a splash with our clients, providing fast, friendly and professional pool inspections. He’s been in the business for over ten years and has completed over one thousand pool safety inspections. Ask BBI to organise a pool inspection to ensure that you, your property and your family are pool safe.


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