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Brisbane Building Inspections Pty Ltd is committed to providing meaningful results and a high standard of customer service to all our clients.

After The Call

Our Building Inspector will personally co-ordinate the inspection date and time with your real estate agent, Pest Inspector and Pool Inspector (if required). Upon request we can also arrange for a survey to be performed at the time of the inspection for the purpose of completing a Tax Depreciation Report. Once the date and time have been allocated, the inspector will email a formal fee proposal to you detailing the total cost of the inspection(s) and any documentation that requires completion. Once we have received the completed documentation we will confirm the inspection and prepare any additional reports that have been requested such as a Property Zoning Report or Underground Services Report.

On the day of the inspection our Building Inspector will introduce himself and his team to you prior to commencing the inspection. At all times you are encouraged to ask any questions and to participate in the process. The Building Inspector will then inspect the following:


  1. The Site: Including all the fences, driveway, paths, sheds and ground surface water drainage.
  2. The Exterior of the Building: Including the walls, cladding, windows, doors, decks and patio structures.
  3. The Subfloor: Including all the floor framing, posts and supports, termite barrier and the subfloor ventilation.
  4. The Interior of the Building: Including all the walls, floors, fixtures and fittings.
  5. The Roof Interior: Including the sarking, insulation, roof framing and flashing.
  6. The Roof Exterior*: Including all the roof tiles/sheeting, fascia, guttering, downpipes, eaves and skylights.


Things to Remember

*At times it may not be safe to access the roof exterior. In these situations, the inspector will perform an inspection of the roof exterior from the ground level as best as possible on the day. Throughout the process, your inspector will explain and discuss all findings with you; don’t be afraid to ask questions or call after the inspection if you have any queries. The building inspector will personally draft and finalise your report, emailing to you an Australian Standards Compliant Building Inspection Report within 24 hours.


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